Uruguay P3


Three hospital broadcasting services in Uruguay have been identified. Others are believed to exist. 

See Part 6. The History of Radio Lollipop for information on their service in Montevideo that started in 1993.

See Part 8. Psychiatric Hospital Radio Services 

  1. Montivideo 

1.1 El Ceibo – Radio Hope (Circa 1956) 

Newspaper article “1956 Uruguay. A Radio for children from the Pereyra Rossel Hospital”.

“The nomenclature beautiful club, “El Ceibo” (national flower tree and Uruguay), was adopted by the boys themselves by popular vote, he had his own card that credited to internees as a partner. Supo tener una biblioteca bien surtida , teatro y una estación de radio propios. Used to have a wellstocked library, a theatre and a station‘s own radio”.