Part 4 TV Services

The TOC H (Dundee) Hospital Broadcasting Television Service that started at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Dundee on 18 September 1967 is the first known hospital broadcasting television service in the world.

Up to 1980 only four hospital television services are known to have started; Dundee (1967), Buxton (1972), Lancaster (1977) and Chester (1979).

In 1990 five services, the four listed above, plus TV4U in Northampton, were operating.

By 1993 hospital television services were operating in at least 10 towns and cities in the UK; Colchester, Basildon/Brentwood, Buxton, Harefield, Lancaster, Northampton, Portsmouth, Sheffield and West Bromwich.

By 1998 the number of TV services had reduced to six.

As at July 2016 no hospital TV services were operating.

Acknowledgment to the late Dennis Rookard of NAHBO’s Television Group for his recollections of the earlier TV services listed below.