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Hospital Radio Gibraltar (2008)

PRESS RELEASE No:111/2008. Date: 12 May 2008: A group of volunteers has created a medium whereby in-patients in St Bernard’s Hospital can now listen to goodwill messages from family and friends with music requests, religious services, local news and other forms of entertainment from the existing patient entertainment system at the hospital.

The Radio will stream recordings from other hospitals in the UK and will record local content for streaming to hospitals in the UK.

“This medium will enable our own patients receiving treatment in UK hospitals to receive messages from their families in Gibraltar while at the same time promoting Gibraltar across the UK. Mr Paul Jennett, who has been involved for many years in providing entertainment at discos and parties, developed this idea after moving to Gibraltar with his family,” says the GHA.

Said Mr Jennett: “I decided to think of a way so that patients away from Gibraltar would not feel so lonely missing their family and friends. A hospital radio station was the answer. Because people in the UK pride themselves in their hospital radios this would no doubt be a good medium to get messages from family and friends to Gibraltar patients in the UK seeking treatment. Our motto is Treating Patients with Good Radio, let’s hope we do just that”.

The radio station will be running 24hrs a day, with a play out system when presenters are not available and a call is being made for volunteers to assist in the station.

The Minister for Health, Mrs Yvette Del Agua, in welcoming this initiative, said: “Across the world, volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to form part of the healthcare team, working with patients and staff to enhance the quality of care. We are lucky that in Gibraltar we have so many individuals willing to give up their time to assist others in less fortunate circumstances”.

A web site has been created so assist the station with requests from the community

A report in page 18 of the Hospital Broadcasting Association’s ON AIR Magazine, Issue 123, dated July-August 2008 states:

“Hospital Radio Gibraltar is up and running. It has taken 14 months to get the station off the ground but they’ve done it.

There has never been a hospital radio in Gibraltar so the patients have not been able to get any real local news or request a song. But the main reason Gibraltar wanted a hospital radio was to keep family friends in contact with patients in hospital. Patients in Gibraltar sometimes need to get treatment in the UK and when that happens not all of the patients have their families with them and are alone and sometimes frightened.

RHG have been worried about it, so had an idea to ask UK mainland hospital radios if they would pass on a message from a loved one from here in Gibraltar and the hospitals they have contacted are happy to do this. They are now able to inform patients and families who are seeking treatment away from home that they can maintain contact. All they need now is a wiz kid to allow the two hospitals to talk on air, then you can imagine the families and patients reaction.

As this is a very new station and RHG have no experience of any radio stations, they have no programme content and would welcome any hospital radio stations programmes as it would be very good for entertainment for their patients and staff. If they do need treatment in the UK ,they will know there is a friendly UK hospital radio voice waiting for them.

If any hospital radio stations want to send RHG some of their programmes, please keep all your radio IDs, jingles, adverts in place so that Gibraltar knows who you are. They will introduce your shows as top UK hospital radio programmes. They will get a better feel on how its all going in a month or so.

Many thanks to Nigel at the HBA for being so helpful.

Would any hospital radio station be interested in the Gibraltar story? It’s 300 years since the UK came here, we are considering making a programme about the history of Gibraltar with local narrators and local music. Please contact me if you would like a free copy.

Thanks to you all, take care. Paul Jennett Hospital Radio Gibraltar”

A report dated Monday 17 March 2008 reads: MILLSIDE Hospital Radio (Sutton-in-Ashfield), which broadcasts programmes to patients at King’s Mill Hospital, has increased its number of listeners through a new international link-up.

The voluntary group has teamed up with St. Bernard’s Hospital in Gibraltar, which will now carry some of Millside’s live programmes.

Said Millside’s secretary Trevor White: “This is a great opportunity for patients and relatives in the Mansfield and Ashfield area to link up with friends and loved ones in Gibraltar and visa versa.

The Gibraltar station is very new and we are keen to set up a permanent association”.

The date when the service ended needs to be established. The service at the St Bernard’s Hospital in Gibraltar was not operating in December 2017.