Four hospital broadcasting services are known to have started in France.

Two were inspired by Radio Colifata (Crazy Radio) that started in 1990 in Argentina (see Part 8 for further details). 

  1. Paris

1.1 Radio Trousseau (About 1994) 

The first hospital radio station in France was located in the Armand Trousseau Children’s Hospital.

Station de Radio : Radio-Trousseau Les Enfants parlent aux Enfants     Radio Trousseau Les Enfant parlent aux Enfants: “Children talking to children”.

It was modelled on the Radio Lollipop idea and run by Jehanne Faucheaux.

1.2 Radio Ambroise Pare (2003) 

Radio Amrboise Pare was the second hospital radio service to start in France.

It started in May 2003 at the Amrboise Pare Hospital in Paris. June Snowden, the President of the Hospital Broadcasting Association attended the launch of the service.