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All three music based services that had started in York, Oldham and Swindon in the 1930s were not operating when World War 2 ended in 1945.

The first service to start in the 1940s was at the High Carley Sanatorium in Ulverston in February 1949. How long this service operated for is not known but in 1975 Radio Londsdale started to provide a service to the High Carley Sanatorium.

Between 1950 and 2016 at least 281 music based services are known to have operated in 189 towns and cities in England 51 of these services in 24 of London’s 32 boroughs and 1 in the City of London. Others have almost certainly existed.

Towns & Cities 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s N/K Services
189 32 66 120 28 13 8 14 281
London 2 15 18 1 0 3 12 51

The first known services to start in England during the early 1950s were:

Year Location Name of Service
1951 Grimsby Grimsby Hospital Welfare Society
1951 Bebington Radio Clatterbridge
1952 Bradford Radio Royal Bradford
1952 Eastbourne Radio DG H
1952 Salisbury Radio Odstock

In 1983 the Grimsby Hospital Welfare Society ceased broadcasting due the closure of all the hospitals it served. It the same year the newly formed Grimsby Hospital Broadcasting Organisation started broadcasting to the new Grimsby and District Hospital. In January 1989 the service changed its name to Grimsby Hospital Radio.

As at August 2016 the longest running service is Radio Clatterbridge in Bebington. It started on the 9 April 1951 when members of the Port Sunlight Boys Club started taking a windup gramophone and some records into a ward at the Clatterbridge Hospital. The idea was a success and by mid 1951 they were able to acquire from the hospital authorities a small room in Larch House where they were able to broadcast to the few wards in the hospital which were connected by landlines to their studio.

The first two music based services to start in London commenced broadcasting in 1957: Kingston Hospital Radio and on 2 September Radio Lewisham.

For further details see Part 3. England History.